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A consulting and accounting team that helps commercial builders suffering from low cash flows, overcome the income instability of surviving from job to job. By using our Profitability Accounting Method unlike traditional accounting practices, we bring structure and financial freedom, while providing tools to immediately increase profits that pave the way for growth.

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Transform Your Business

Peace of mind comes from transforming your business through knowing, understanding, and trusting your numbers. It’s just that simple.

Producing profitable results for your business is what will help you build and finally take the vacations you have been dreaming about.

Changing your life and business starts with the tools to be able to forecast jobs, better bids, and building a business that is financially healthy.

Case Study—

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Build your Freedom Team

An Easy-to-Use Profit Method

Abacus’ own Profitability Accounting Method is the building block we use for a highly personalized, data-forward method designed for you. Everything—the meetings, the timeline, the implementation, and the level of effort required is customized according to your strengths and weaknesses. The results? The best practices, and effective roadmap to elevate your profits.

Know, Understand, and Trust

We believe in providing guidance on how numbers are read and forecasted, we take it a step forward and produce the information for you. Everything is customized for job costing, per project—to produce real data so you can trust your numbers.

Accessibility to Abacus

You will have our experts at hand to provide you with a personalized approach because Abacus cares about the relationship it has with you. We want to ensure that you can reach us and be able to communicate openly with us.

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These numbers don’t lie.

70 %
for the Owner
1 %
Saved in Advanced
for Taxes
10 %
10% - 15% on
Yearly Profits

Built for Freedom—
Profit counts on Abacus.

Abacus Business Solutions - White Logo

Built for Freedom— Profit counts on Abacus.

Abacus Business Solutions - White Logo

Enhance Your Business & Life

Hispanic Family Camping

Control and Freedom

Take control of your financial health with Abacus and you can be free to be with your family, take time off, and go on a new adventure.

Grow and Scale

Structuring your business will allow you to make your dream of scaling a breeze.  

Hispanic Construction Business Owner
Hispanic Construction Business Owner

Preparation and Forecasting

Build a company that can forecast ahead of time and be prepared for business growth, expenses, and taxes. No more guessing. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have my accounting on QBO to start working with you?

No. We will look at the software you are using and advise you from there. We work with QuickBooks Desktop and Online and we will determine the best option for you.

My books are not up to date, can you help me?

Yes. We will renovate and update your books so that they are up to date and correct.

I already have a bookkeeper in my office but I am not sure if they are doing things the right way, can you help with that?

Yes. We can do a Diagnostic Review to see what is going on with the books and give you full report as to what needs to be done to correct them.

I don’t use any accounting software. Can you set this up for me?

Yes. We can start a new QuickBooks file for you, enter your data to bring your file up to date and then keep you on track going forward.

I already have a CPA, do I still need you as well?

Yes. A CPA is taking care of your taxes at the end of the year. We work with you throughout the year and keep your books up to date so that you know your profitability and if you need to make any changes throughout the year.

I am making a loss right now, can you still help me?

Yes. You need us more than ever to help you turn it around so that you can start making a profit.

Don't stay on the hamster wheel feeling stressed, freedom and control await you with Abacus today.