July 2020

When is petty cash not petty?

When is petty cash not “petty”?

This may seem like a simple question, but it is so important to any business that has a petty cash system. We’ve discussed in previous blogs how small businesses is a target for theft. Employee theft unfortunately is no exception and petty cash is a common way for this to occur. In today’s blog post, I want to cover what petty cash is (and what it shouldn’t be!), why it is important to have a good accounting system in place for petty cash and alternates to petty cash.

First, let’s discuss what it is. Petty cash is typically a small amount of cash that is held in the office for any miscellaneous purposes that may came up throughout the daily operations of our business. Typically, a supply run, or a last minute unplanned office lunch, or some other small item is purchased with this cash. Petty cash SHOULD NOT be money taken from a register (if you own a store, etc) nor should it be monies that are unaccounted for within the accounting system. What do I mean by this? You should have a petty cash “check” register in your chart of accounts and this register should reconcile (aka “match”) with the activity that has happened with the cash. This is so important to having a good
accounting system in place for your petty cash.

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“Let’s talk about your business financial reports…”

… Not exactly an exciting sentence, right? 

But you may be surprised at all the great information hiding in those long columns of dates, dollar amounts and invoice numbers.

For example, did you know that your financial reports can give you hints on how to improve your profit margins?

Or that they can help save you from negative bank balances and overdraft fees?

If your bookkeeping is up to date, and you know how to read your reports, you can learn SO much that will both protect AND grow your business!

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To Outsource or Not?? ….. The million-dollar question.

To Outsource or Not?? ….. The million-dollar question. As a business owner, you have many things to consider when making choices revolving around your accounting. What system will you use? What accounting basis is best for your business? Will you use a fiscal or calendar year? Are there regulations you should know surrounding these decisions?

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