Month: March 2021


How to Properly Setup Payments in Quickbooks

Do you take credit card payments? Paypal payments?

If you do, AND you have Quickbooks, you likely know that the syncing of the payments and applying them to open invoices can be very cumbersome and often has many hitches that require extra work for you to ensure it is correct.

Here is a great article for you to checkout on the subject.  

Differences between Connect to PayPal app, Sync with PayPal app, and PayPal Bank Feeds

Have you been able to successfully connect your Paypal account to your business’ Quickbooks account?  If so, what way have you done it?

Also, have you considered the in-house payment platform Quickbooks uses? It may be worth the time to research it as it can really streamline your process.

Here is a link with comparisons of some of the most popular credit processing companies around…

Best Ten Merchant Services | Credit Card Processing

Feel free to reach and schedule a call today – We’d love to help take this off your plate, and give you back more of your time!

Differences between Connect to PayPal app, Sync with PayPal app, and PayPal Bank Feeds


4 Ways to Save Time and Manage Admin Tasks For Your Business

So much administrative work…. 

14 minutes and 25 seconds.

According to research, that’s how much time business owners spend EVERY HOUR on administrative tasks.

Not every day – every HOUR. 

That’s 24% of your workday – 10 hours or more EVERY WEEK – spent on non-billable outsource-able behind-the-scenes work.

What would you do with TEN extra hours every week?

Have more time for billable work – and therefore create more revenue and profit?

Sit down and create higher-level strategies for the future, instead of always just reacting to the fire of the day?

Or finally, just slow down to a more manageable pace – and have more time to relax or be with your family (or just to SLEEP)?

When you sit down (probably with a groan) to reconcile your books or update your Quickbooks data – you are saying “yes” to admin work, and “no” to billable work, and rest

Are you ready to start saying “no” to those 10 hours of admin work … and “yes” to fewer work hours and more profit? Because you don’t have to do it all.  You really don’t.

How to Properly Post and Manage Your Business Invoices

Sending out a new invoice for your business is exciting, right?

But when that new invoice isn’t paid on time … not so much. Late payments are a common problem that can really hurt your cash flow – so how do you keep track of those unpaid invoices in your business? 

Do you scribble a reminder on a post-it note (and then immediately lose it)? We have all been there.

Don’t worry – there are plenty of easy tricks and tools to help automate your invoice reminders.  Here are some of my favorites:

  Not using software yet?  No problem – just pre-write and schedule an email to go out on the day of the invoice due date, as a friendly reminder.

  If you have a Quickbooks Online account, there’s a NEW automatic reminder tool now built into your invoices! All you have to do is set it up for your preferences. (You can learn how to set it up in the link below!)

 Have a Zapier account?  If so, you can also set up automated text message reminders to go out to your clients (pretty cool, right?)


4 Things to Consider When Applying For A Business Loan

Do you know what you need to do and provide when you apply for a business loan?

Or how important your bookkeeping is for that application? 

(It’s true – remember all of those SBA and PPP loans last year for Covid?  Bookkeepers and accountants were working around the clock trying to help businesses update their bookkeeping records as fast as possible so they could apply!)

And it’s not just bookkeeping – there’s a lot that goes into preparing for a business loan, and usually includes things like:

Double-checking your credit score

Gathering business and personal bank statements

Drawing up a detailed business plan

AND providing up-to-date financial reports, like balance sheets and income statements

So – guess what that means?

You won’t be able to apply for a loan – at least, not successfully – until your business’ bookkeeping is up to date.. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.