About your team

At Abacus, we are constantly guiding, educating, and prioritizing you.

As we look back on the last 20 years, a common theme emerges from our history. The tenacity of coming together to drive profitability and deliver knowledge to the hands of our clients.

We have partnered with entrepreneurs, employees, and experts that have all embraced this philosophy. They are the people that make the freedom team you see and this is just the beginning of what is to come. 


Kerry Postel was hired by her mom, who was leading the accounting department. This is where Kerry fell in love with accounting and bookkeeping.


Decided that she was meant to follow the accounting path and started full-time in the accounting field.


Kerry was already leading the accounting department.


She worked directly for a construction company. This is where she fell in love with the construction industry.


Opened the doors to Abacus and built a company that would help businesses have freedom in their business.


Profit First was introduced to her and this is the beginning of her Profitability Accounting Method journey.


We believe in bringing freedom of wealth so we can come together to eradicate business poverty in the world.

Standing together

We believe that giving financial education to the younger generations will help make better businesses and better lives. So we are partnered with a local cause called: 

Powerhouse Youth Project-Banner

The Vision Builds

We believe in delivering exceptional accounting and consulting services that transform commercial builders into prioritizing profits in their businesses as well as creating freedom, legacy, and confidence in their personal life with their finances. We believe in wealth and freedom.

Our commitment to you

We bring the highest level of honesty, integrity, education, and best interest at heart for our clients to help them know, understand, and trust their numbers.

Values we stand with

+ Pursue Growth and Learning
+ Being Accountable
+ Communication is Top Priority

+ Helping Others Build
+ Friendliness Goes a Long Way
+ Committing from Beginning to End


Ultimately, we are here for you.

We help commercial builders suffering from low cash flows, overcome the income instability of surviving from job-to-job. By using our Profitability Accounting Method unlike traditional accounting practices, we bring structure and financial freedom, while providing tools to immediately increase profits that pave the way for growth.

Stressing & Failure isn't an option, build the freedom that you have been dreaming since you realized the issue at hand.