Bookkeeper, Shmookkeeper, What’s the big deal?


“Why do I need a bookkeeper?  I’ve already got a QuickBooks subscription – that’s enough, right?”


That’s a fair question.


And the answer is?


NO – QuickBooks alone is not enough.  You, and your business, need a great bookkeeper!”


We know you think an accounting business is biased, but it’s really true!  Here’s a couple of things QuickBooks will fall short on, without a good human bookkeeper managing it correctly:



Every hear the phrase “Garbage in, garbage out?” QuickBooks has some amazing automations … but QuickBooks is still just a tool, not a fact checker.  It will organize or automate your info any way you tell it to … but it won’t alert you if it’s correct or not.  This could quickly lead to compounded mistakes over time, with expensive consequences in tax payments (and corrective forensic accounting later).




Problems in QuickBooks can start in the first 5 minutes of your subscription.  While QuickBooks does help you set up a generally correct Chart of Accounts, (depending on your answers about your business type) the software is still just making a generic best guess.  A human bookkeeper can get much more in-depth with you, ask a lot more questions about the minutiae of how your business functions, and get all the details PERFECT for you and your business.  Again, this prevents the compounding of costly mistakes in your records!



Similar to point one but varying in the fact that bookkeepers KNOW basic accounting principles and tax guidelines. They know what a business expense and personal expense is and how to properly record purchases as an asset or expense. Or to record money coming in as an income or perhaps it was a liability (loan to the company) QuickBooks does not know to do this intuitively.


Intuit, the makers of QuickBooks, has even recently acknowledged in a new business model that live bookkeepers are best for any bookkeeping situation and in effect, have acknowledged that software enough isn’t capable of producing good financials. It takes a bookkeeper!


So – now that you know WHY your business needs a bookkeeper … We just may know the perfect bookkeeper for you 😉


If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to ask!  We love to help answer them.  Just schedule a free consultation call – go to our website and go to the Contact Us page.