Make profits with Our Services

Direct investment means direct impact

We are not not average bookkeeping firm! We are more than data entry.

We are here to help you know your numbers and use that info to grow your business. When you know your nubmers you can stop the leaks, make improvements and increases your profitability.



We care about securing your profits and freedom.

At Abacus, we understand how important it is for you to protect your business that you have spent crafting, building, and the feeling you have for your employees, customers, and mission. That understanding is a fundamental part of our approach, we will work together with you to maximize a company’s profitability and still preserve the essence.

We work with you in 3 ways:

Option 1

Accounting & Bookkeeping

I want a team that can produce and interpret the financial health.

Option 2

Consulting Services

I want your expert to help me and my team strategize and implement profits. 

Option 3

Profitability Accounting Method

I want your expert and team to produce, interpret, and implement the full method.

When it comes to making profits, you have options.
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Why should you work with us?

You deserve to know your numbers and be able to focus on growing your business.

Here is how we are different:

We provide our latest profit technologies

Abacus’ own Profitability Accounting Method is the building block we use for a highly personalized, data-forward method designed for you. Everything—the meetings, the timeline, the implementation, and the level of effort required is customized according to your strengths and weaknesses.

The results? The best practices, and effective roadmap to elevate your profits.

Profitability Accounting Method - Roadmap
Construction Business Owner - Meeting

We believe in building long-term relationships

You will have our experts at hand to provide you with a personalized approach because Abacus cares about the relationship it has with you. We want to ensure that you can reach us and be able to communicate openly with us.

We believe knowledge is powerful for profitability

We believe in providing guidance on how numbers are read and forecasted, we take it a step forward and produce the information for you. Everything is customized for job costing, per project—to produce real data so you can trust your numbers.

Accounting Numbers Forecast

We look for partners like you:

+ A business that has low cash flow
+ Income instability
+ Surviving job to job
+ Wants to understand and know the numbers
+ Might have to downsize
+ Next year taxes aren’t saved yet
+ Desires to scale
+ Desires to take a higher salary
+ Future is unforeseeable


Together, We build a business that has:

+ Money saved in the bank for taxes/fees
+ You getting a higher salary
+ You scaling and growing with real data
+ Available job forecasting
+ A stable income
+ Growing cash flow
+ The bank matching your books
+ Given you time for vacation and your family 


You've been in business because you wanted a life of freedom and control on how you do things.

You have encountered roadblocks along the way like having to move money around, worry about where things are heading, and knowing that none of it is making sense. 

It’s been a bit difficult to get answers on how to fix the situation you have in your business. 

You came to the right team to help you make a 180º in your business. 

Businesses that come to Abacus commit to working together to make the change happen and immediately start feeling in control and understanding their numbers. 

This is the power of having a team that will provide you with the freedom you desire.

Don't stay stuck in the cycle of stress, guessing, and thinking it's a concept to have profits.