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Bookkeeper, Shmookkeeper, What’s the big deal?

“Why do I need a bookkeeper?  I’ve already got a QuickBooks subscription – that’s enough, right?”

That’s a fair question.

And the answer is?

“NO – QuickBooks alone is not enough.  You, and your business, need a great bookkeeper!”

We know you think an accounting business is biased, but it’s really true!  Here’s a couple of things QuickBooks will fall short on, without a good human bookkeeper managing it correctly:


Every hear the phrase “Garbage in, garbage out?” QuickBooks has some amazing automations …

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Co-Mingling Funds – How it Works

Last week we discussed in a FB post the idea of co-mingling.  Today we are going to get into more detail about this important subject! 

As a reminder, co-mingling funds is when you combine or otherwise entangle your personal funds with your business funds. Some common examples of this is paying personal bills with the company credit card or drafting personal house expenses from the company account or visa-versa. Using personal funds to pay business bills directly. 

Keeping your business and personal finances SEPARATE by using the

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Did you know that according to a NSBA survey the average business owner is spending over 8 hours a MONTH working on federal business taxes and finances? That doesn’t even include the other financial tasks like state taxes, invoicing, accounts payable, receipt management and the million other smaller financial tasks you have to do EVERY day!

Let’s do the math…. That’s over 100 hours a year! OR the equivalent (assuming a 50 hour week!) of letting your business run itself TWO WEEKS per year!

Two weeks! That’s

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Part 2 Don’t miss the boat… again.

Last week we discussed three of the most commonly missed tax deductions that business owners often forget to deduct (or maybe don’t realize they are tax deductible) and this week, we are going to the final three that in our opinion, consist of the top missed deductions.

Again, we like to remind our readers that they should always consult with a tax expert to ensure that their taxes are done properly and that they have maximized their deductions to the fullest.

ICYMI (common blog/social media lingo for

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Don’t miss the boat… and no, you can’t deduct that boat!

The financial world tends to spend a lot of time discussing taxes- there’s a reason for that! The IRS tax code is complex and confusing for many business owners. To further complicate things, often financial experts disagree on its interpretation creating LOTS of room for confusions and mistakes. We recommend making sure you have a great tax expert on your team to help you navigate through the muddy waters of tax time. (We partner with an expert-OR we can provide a referral if you need

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Keeping it COOL: How to Avoid Business Burn Out

Today’s topic is business burn-out. As a small business owner, we often wear many (sometimes, too many!) hats and this can lead to burn-out.

Burn-out can cause us to lose motivation and passion for our work and affect our business in a negative way.

Today I’d like to discuss some signs of burn-out and some things you can do when you recognize you are experiencing burn-out.

● Having no to low energy, being exhausted emotionally or physically
● Feeling uninspired, unmotivated, passionless
● Lacking usual confidence in your

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