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How to Save Money in Your Business, and Increase Your Profitability

How to Save Money in Your Business, and Increase Your Profitability I want to talk to you about how, as a construction business owner or a service-based business owner, you can save money in your business. It all comes down to being proactive and having control over your money and time. So of course, I’m going to tie this back to Profit First because that is something that we believe in as a principle to use within your business that can help you to really

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Human Advantages Over QuickBooks Tools

“Why do I need a bookkeeper? If I’ve got QuickBooks and TurboTax, it’s basically just point and click, right?” You aren’t the first person to ask that question 😅 And we get it – it feels like EVERYTHING is automated with the click of a button these days, right? However – at the end of the day, QuickBooks and TurboTax are just tools. And you still need the expert touch of a human to help you avoid some serious fees, fines, and mistakes. (After all,

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Tax Season Recap

We know – the April 18th tax deadline has passed and right now you’re thinking, “Hallelujah! I can STOP thinking about taxes for a few months!!” 🙌 But before you put this year’s tax season in the rearview mirror, 🚗 🌬️ Let’s talk about it just one more time, while everything is still fresh in your mind. (Trust us – it’ll only take an hour and it will make your tax season next year WAY easier!) All you need is a Word document, or a

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To Hire or Not To Hire?

Did you know that hiring a bookkeeper is A LOT cheaper and easier … than trying to DIY your finances and dealing with late tax penalties? 🤔 We know – it’s not exactly an unbiased claim 😜 but we can prove it, we promise. Just for example purposes, let’s look at two business owners this week to compare. So, let’s say that both business owners are florists and they both had revenue of $200k in their stores last year. We’ll call the first florist Herb;

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Tax Season – How Did It Go?

So – how did tax season go for you this year? 😬 🧘🏻‍♀️ Was it calm and organized … or stressful and panicked? ⏰ Did you file with plenty of time to spare … or were you rushing and scrambling until the very last minute? We know, we know… You always start the year with good intentions, but life happens and before you know it – BOOM! 💥 It’s tax season and all your good intentions to be prepared and ready for tax season flew

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Common Mistakes When Filing Your Taxes in a Panic

Are you still scrambling to finish up your taxes on time? 😬 or did you file for an extension? In your rush to file on time – make sure that you don’t make one of these common (and easily avoidable) mistakes! First – here are some of the documents and information you’ll need: ☑️ Last year’s tax return ☑️ Your social security card and official business docs ☑️ All your tax documents from 2021 ☑️ Your bank account information. Now grab your tax return for

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