Understanding your P& L – like REALLY understanding it.


Do you understand what a Profit + Loss statement is, and why it’s SO important for your business?

We mean – REALLY understand? 

If not, here’s a quick rundown of why it matters, how to use it, and a helpful link if you want to read more about it. (which we encourage you to do!) 

First, let’s talk about WHY it is so important to create an accurate (and helpful) P+L report:

Up-to-date bookkeeping data in your financial software

Income and expenses correctly categorized  

Accurate separation between COGS and company expenses

Remember, your report will only be as good as the data you put in (garbage in, garbage out!) so make sure your data is right before you run the report.

Once you get it all right, here are the benefits of an accurate P+L. You may be : 

Craft accurate business strategies from real data, instead of just guessing at next steps

Set your business up for any financing and borrowing needs you may have in the future

Get you a crystal-clear view of your profit margin on the bottom line

See your expenses in detail – and easily figure out what you cut out to reduce your expenses

However, if you don’t run this report, or the data is wrong, it could hurt your business:

Your business strategies will fall flat, or even overdraw your accounts

You’ll waste money overspending on unhelpful expenses

You won’t have the data you need to accurately price your services for a healthy profit

This is one of the three most important (and helpful) reports for your business – so make sure you both understand it and use it!

The link to the article is in the comments below.

And if you have any other questions about this report – or how to correctly enter the data for it – just reach out!  We’d be happy to help!

Resource: https://bench.co/blog/accounting/profit-and-loss-statement/